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 Keyword Density And How To Use It To Keep Traffic

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PostWysłany: Pią 10:22, 15 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Keyword Density And How To Use It To Keep Traffic

word Density And How To Use It To Keep Traffic FlowingTo Your Site!Generating high traffic to your web site can be costly, or not,depending on time and effort you commit to the business.One of the easiest, least expensive and most effective waysto get visitors is via a concept called 'Keyword Density'.Mini Site Profits by Phil Wiley was my first and most valuableintroduction to keyword density and would eventually becomethe focus of my online marketing campaigns.Wiley tells how many search engines spider the Internet forsites containing keywords similar to those someone has justkeyed into a search engine. The more times those wordsappear on your site - conditionally - the more chance you'llget that high ranking.But search engines aim for relevance, too, so a site actuallybearing little relevance to specific terms might rank high fora short while, until human editors come in, check it out, thenabandon the site as irrelevant to their customers.It's all about 'content' which for our purposes means usefularticles, information and advice which search engines considervaluable to their customers, rather than pages packed withadvertisements and little else (unless they're getting paid for itvia pay per click promotions, of course!).For example, 'sex' is a hot topic on the Internet and the subjectof millions of searches every month. How wonderful for your siteto appear to everyone searching for 'sex' - (one day I will rephrasethat) - who happens upon pages offering discount holidays,printer refill cartridges, golf clubs, pencils, but not sex!The point is, anyone using specific techniques to lift their ownnon-sex-related site high on the listings when someone keys'sex' into search engines will soon be exposed and probablybanned for life from most search engine listings. By 'techniques'I mean pasting the word 'sex' all over the background of your siteselling lawn mowers, or calling your site 'Everything to Do withSex' when your site bears no relevance at all to the 'S' word.Here are a few ways to use keyword density to increase yourchance of a higher ranking over site owners who don't try quite so hard:à Choose a domain name containing words and phrases mostcommonly searched for by your target audience. The site for mymystery shopping book, for example, is examples from my own collection, with titles, articles, domainnames based on keyword density: Include your best key words and phrases in page titles, forboth the home page and all additional pages. My mystery shoppingsite has pages entitled: Get Paid to Shop or Even Start Your OwnMystery Shopping Business, Travel Free, Get Paid to Play Golf, andarticles entitled: Start Your Own Mystery Shopping Business, GetPaid to Shop and Keep Everything You Buy Without Having to Pay!Those titles came, not surprisingly, because 'Get Paid to Shop' and'Start Mystery Shopping Business' are common terms used bypeople seeking products like mine.à Descriptions, keyword entries and metatags used when designingyour site should also contain some of the most common terms usedby your target audience. For a dating agency, the keywords mightbe 'dating', 'dating agency', 'online dating', and so on.à It might be beneficial to use key words in titles for pictures andgraphics used on your site. For example, my site several pictures of cute boxer dogs, all mine, with gifslabelled boxerdog1, boxerdog2, boxerdog3, and so on. Beneath eachpicture there's a caption including the phrase 'boxer dog'. One of myfirst excursions into keyword analysis showed the term 'boxer dog'is keyed into search engines around 46,000 times every month. Notonly that, but I love boxer dogs, and can think of no

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