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We peruse and listen about Special Saints that are dubbed Miracle Workers like Brother Andre of Montreal or Saint Padre Pio of Italy and they are always from another country but now we have our own.
We returned to Louisiana final week, where we seasoned Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, America's Miracle Worker. I use the term "Experience" because we have never had the gift of seeing the power of the retinue this Blessed has been given by Our Lord Christ.
His article is fascinating, merely even more fascinating is being eyewitnesses to a following of thousands of faithful believers, catching portion in a three-times-a-year Mass and Healing Ceremony. You have had to be there to believe how loved this rector is. For the Healing Service, which took place afterward the Mass finished, there were anywhere from 1500 to 2000 folk, waiting aboard line to be congratulated. There were eight priests in four aisles, blessing the people who waited up to one hour to receive this special award. And this because a priest whose life was snuffed out along Yellow Fever after being on consignment in New Orleans for merely 11 months. He has a following the likes of which you have never looked. And hundreds of people give testimony of healings and conversions coming about via the intercession of Blessed Seelos.
But who is this Francis Xavier Seelos, and why is there such a great dedication to him? ?
There are those who had called him a living angel during his lifetime.
Very few people could have everything but magnificent affection and love for him.
He was nativity in Fussen, Germany in 1819. It was manifest to entire nigh him, parents and clergy alike, that this was a special child,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], preordained to do great entities for God and for the Church. He forever wanted the religious life. He was not always sure how he wanted to serve. As a teenager, he walked for 50 hours from his family town to Einseidlen, Switzerland to ask to add the Benedictines there. He was refused admission, only because he was also young. But the fact is that God had huge plans for him in the New World. ?He had either a vision or a locution from Our Lady, after which he pledged to give his life to evangelizing for a missionary in the New World. He became a membership of the Redemptorist Order, and came to the United States. Being a country boy from Bavaria, he was not very happy when he arrived in the United States in 1843, but he wrote to his home that he had made this determination and would live up to it. He spent the afterward 24 years ministering to the people of the United States.
At premier, his department was to Catholics in western Pennsylvania. There were only 21 priests for 45,000 Catholics. Eventually, through the intention of St. John Neumann, who was his first priest in Pittsburgh, he and additional German speaking priests ministered to German-speaking immigrants. He went from associate priest to priest to the rector of the college to the head of the Redemptorists, behind to his first love, Missionary go. During the Civil War, annuals 1862-1865, he and a few other priests went up and down the navel part of our nation giving missions and retreats, dodging ammunition and the coarse action of the soldiers on either sides of the conflict. He begged to President Lincoln to unlock the priests and seminarians from the chart. He and dissimilar priest met with the President, who was very agreeable,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but could not certify that this could be done. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], none of the students were drafted.
For 3 years prior to his convey to his last parish in New Orleans, Louisiana, he was in charge of the Redemptorist Mission Band. He and a team of other priests would peregrination bring ... to an endthe middle states,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], including Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio;,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. He not only thought mission work to be important, he wrote to his sister in 1863,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "It is properly the work in the vineyard of the Lord; it is entirely apostolic work."
One of his greatest strengths w

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