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 Just Enjoy Life - The Difference in 3rd and 4th Di

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PostWysłany: Sob 8:48, 14 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Just Enjoy Life - The Difference in 3rd and 4th Di

her, finer vibrations are always stronger than lower, rougher vibrations, even although it might appear to be the opposite. At premier glimpse, something vibrating at a low, rough speed might seem more powerful, but the wear and tear on the instrument holding this type of motor damages it down. Fourth dimensional thought patterns, being in harmony with the energy waves, will no dissipate and will not occasion wear and tear on the body. Therefore, a human using them will arise to maintain youthful capabilities much longer than one who is not.
Fourth dimensional thought will not consist of negativity. The minute you think a negate thought, it is so slow and rough a vibration that you will swiftly drop behind to third dimensional thought. Negativity cannot exist in the fourth dimension. The higher, finer vibratory rate cannot clutch a negative thought. It is incapable of it.
The difference between third and fourth dimensional thought could be compared to the difference in vibratory rate among octaves on a piano. For example, whether regular third dimensional thought head waves tremble in you at the rate of medium C,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then fourth dimensional thought would tremble at the rate of the C upon navel C. This would be a higher, faster vibration that allows for straight translation of higher thought blocks. There would then be not absence of going into an changed state to way and interpret them; the interpretation is present at the period of receiving them. It is a feature of an integrated right and left head that allows the highest head levels to be approached.
The third dimension of planet Earth seems to be ponderous, atmospheric, saturated with humidity, bogged down in dirt and always on an uphill ascend. The fourth dimension,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in comparison, seems to be clear, bright, bright, light, airy and on ground with a puny downhill tilt. The fourth dimension is a feeling that is upheld throughout your subsistence. By feeling,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I mean not only an emotional feeling, but also a physical feeling and a cerebral feeling. It involves all three; body, mind and morale.
Difference in Physical Feelings
The difference in physical feelings would be as usual: As far as the fourth measurement, in your physical body there will be a feeling of lightness, of just plain feeling nice. At its height it will feel favor a thrill in the body similar to that of cellular orgasm.
In approximation, third dimensional physical sensibility could be described for a sensibility of terror in the pit of your stomach, or of creature out all sorts of; emotion sick in the stomach and tired with aching joints. Sleepiness is likewise variant facet of third dimensional physical feeling.
Another sample of third dimensional preoccupied would be somebody who focuses above the afflict of, perhaps, a swollen coupler or one upset tolerate or anybody other physical ailment. By focusing always their consideration above it, it grows and becomes worse. The mutual will really bulge and become even bigger because of the consideration. You penetrate, the compartments in the joint are quite aware of the focus above them and they react apt the mused namely there namely someone erroneous.
If in fourth dimensional thought, you would simply memorandum, for a brief second, that a decisive joint needs to be activated and accustom more. You would then put it out of your idea behind programming your subconscious mind to exercise the joint. It would not be thought of anew.
In the case of third dimensional thought, all sorts of waste is dug up as to why it hurts and what you did to deserve this. You prodigy why it didn't occur to someone another, someone who is really a wrong person and deserves something like this more than you do.
Difference in Emotional Feelings
The distinction in affective feelings would be consist in ...: Third dimensional feelings are those of the lower ecology such as cheap ego value, jealousy, one upmanship, hate, fear, negativity of all sorts, hopelessness and depression. It is a feeling of constantly sitting on top of a volcano that the slightest jar to the oneself will

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