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a man out for 20 years, finally going home, the boss asked him: You are 20 years of wages to be three or advice? The man said the road tomorrow, tomorrow morning to give you the answer right? The boss said I could. Men did not sleep that night ... morning, his boss said: I want to three warnings. So the boss gave him three words. First, do not try to find a shortcut, there were no cheap thing, only down to earth is the best way ... Whatever it takes. Second, do not knows is not a good thing to do too much curiosity, there is likely you will have died. Third, do not make any impulsive decisions when, otherwise, this decision is likely to become your lifetime of regret. Having the boss to the man some money and three bread, and told: the biggest in the home after the eat bread. Men hit the road ... he was gone for several days ... the first half of bread, and did not take long encounter an intersection, he inquired: Which way does the ** Near? Passerby: it walked the path, near. Lu Renyi: walk on the path bar, safe. He can not wait to meet with his wife, then go down the lane. Not long to go to hear some passers-by near the downtown Bandit said, and he remembered the boss's first piece of advice: Do not try to find shortcuts. So he walked back to the piece of road. And went a few days, the second part of the bread and ate it ... he found a very cheap inn lodging. Middle of the night heard a woman crying, he slept high. Decided to go look. Then he thought of a second piece of advice: Do not knows is not a good thing to do too much curiosity. So he lie in it. Second day of the leave, the store scared and said: you still alive? ! He puzzled, then asked why. Store said he had a crazy daughter, when the disease introduced by crying out to kill and then, last night lodging guests only you alive. Man sighed: ah ... and go a few days, when the second time he had finished the bread not far away from home. He is more excited. Tian Ganghei down not long after, he went to his village. Home, he just going to knock on the door, they heard the voice of a man inside. He was in a rage, picked up a wood cutting knife burst into the room will be ready to kill that man. But when he thought the third piece of advice: Do not make any impulse decision, this decision may make you regret it for life. So he calmed down, sat outside the house overnight. He was an early morning knock on the door, his wife is very happy to see him back. But he is very cold: the man? His wife laughed and said: That is our Son ... you're gone ... I did not take long when he found the young man and his actually looks very similar. Father and son first met, hugged a man cry out ... After a while the third concerns the bread preparation and wife, child share together ... only to find that 20 years after cutting the wages of all inside. So we have to think clearly to do anything else to the last regret their own!
ability to achieve great things must-9, 9 means 9
a state of mind: calm
(1) Do not reveal your emotions.
(2) Do not tell everyone that your problems and experiences.
(3), in consultation with the views of others before their first thought, but do not talk about.
(4) there is an opportunity not to nag your dissatisfaction.
(5) other important decisions as far as possible to discuss the best every day and then released.
(6) do not have any of the panic talk, walk, too.
II: carefully
(1) what is happening around them, often thinking their causation.
(2) the implementation of the impossible position, to uncover their fundamental crux of the problem.
(3) of the accustomed ways of doing things, the proposal should be improved or optimized.
(4) should do something to develop the habit of methodical and orderly.
(5) often find a few other people do not see the problems or defects.
(6) anywhere on the inadequacy of their own to fill the seats where.
III: bold
(1) lack of confidence not commonly used words
(2) do not often go back, have decided to do lightly overturned.
(3) fighting over the crowd, do not assertive.
(4) the overall atmosphere is low, you should be optimistic about the sun.
(5) intentions of doing anything else, because someone is watching you.
(6), when things do not breath, and again to find a breakthrough to end but also neat and tidy.
Four: Tatu
(1) Do not deliberately put people who may be partners into competitors.
(2) on other people's mistakes, small errors do not care about.
(3) the money to be generous, to learn the three facilities (fiscal measures, the Dharma, giving of fearlessness)
(4) do not have the arrogance of power and knowledge of the bias.
(5) any results and achievements should be shared with others.
(6) must be some sacrifice or devotion, he himself walked in front.
five: integrity
(1) failed to do Do not say, say on the efforts to do so.
(2) the empty slogans or slogans do not often linked to his mouth.
(3) for the client's
(4) stop all
(5) juggle a small smart, no good!
(6) calculate the cost of the integrity of the product or service that is cost of the brand.
Six: play
(1) review of any fault, when start their own or their own people began to reflect.
(2) issues after the end of the first review of fault, and then set out the credit.
(3) admit the beginning from higher levels, the table function from the lower start
(4) start a program, the first clear delineation of responsibilities, and the distribution properly.
(5) of the
(6) take responsibility for the losses caused by the company should bear
into a major event of the nine means:
1, courage determination - to overcome the habit of indecision the reason why many people nothing
The biggest problems is the lack of courage means of decision, always glance right and left, after thinking it over, so the best time they fail. Into a big success in the possibility of coming to see things, the courage to make major decisions, so a head start.
2, Challenge weaknesses - completely changed the defect
everyone has their own weaknesses, not as big who always stick to their own weaknesses, no major changes in his life; can become a major event are always good at their own The weakness of the surgery, ability to transform itself into a super person. A company can correct its own flaws who can only be a loser!
3, overcome difficulties - from the failure group of successful capital
always face difficult life challenges, can even say that the plight is the The plight of ordinary people in the front and trembling, made major changes to the plight of those who are able to successfully powerful springboard.
4, seize the opportunity - good selection, good at creating
opportunity is the greatest wealth. Some people waste the opportunity easily, so one has great potential, opportunity, slipped quietly ran into a major event is absolutely not allowed to slip away, and can jump toward the opportunity.
5, to play a strong point - do what you do best
a very weak ability of the person it is difficult to open the life situation, the stage of life he must be the victim of heavyweight; into a big person to do on their own things, to fully display their talents, expand the step by step to success.
6, adjust the attitude - avoid emotional harm to the people themselves
negative attitude, in any case can not afford to pick and burden of life, because they can not face the frustration of a personal hygiene, while those on the high-speed into the big state of mind, even if Without any hope, they can see the ray of light of success.
7, immediate action - just saying no, a hundred times better than an operation
vain thought. Some people are
8, good at communication - a clever use of human resources people do not know how to contact
bound to promote the power of relationships. One of the characteristics of those great things are: good by leveraging, by heat to create a successful situation, one pieces can be difficult to accomplishing things done to make them realize their life plan.
9, re-planning - points to a higher starting point
Life is a process, success is a process. If you satisfied with small success, it will promote the great success. Into a major event should know that the difficult process from small to large, so to achieve a small success, to continue to open the next life

can speak any means, can lead to a result, but this result is not the best results, I am afraid it is difficult to say. Events are always selected as the best means to achieve the best results, which most people can do right and wrong. Therefore, the road to success, you want to become a major event, the first problem to be solved is: your means if you plan to promote the immediate success!

ability to achieve great things must have nine

ability to survive challenge: finding good answers in the real world ; ; ;
1, put right attitude, the courage to face the reality
reality for those who constantly complain about poor people, the reality is not bed of roses, just like prison life, both hands and feet bound, and bound body and mind, so often succumb to the pressure of reality, a weak person; and those who really great things, dare to challenge the reality is In reality, the viability of their own temper, which is called strong!
Here, we can come to an experience of great things: to adapt to the changing reality of rapid change their ideas, the most important thing is we need to have an intelligent and flexible mind's eye, so people could live.
under the pressure of the real, if you change the concept, timely and forward, can have a multiplier effect.
can not be separated even for a moment the reality of our bottom-up, with the reality of change, we must adapt their ideas, thoughts, actions and goals. This is a survival imperative.
If we have a way to change reality to fit our abilities and desires of the development needs are the most valuable.
2,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so you have a strong self-control
made, is to overcome desire, not because of pressure on the heart a bit impetuous, experience things that are not desirable to explode.
a person unless the first control yourself or you will not be in control.
a successful event as long as the target man, knows what he wants, and then take action, tell yourself do not give up, success is only a matter of time only.
If you are in trouble or hinder the way, you go to face it and solve it, and then move on, so the more positive the more the problem will not. When you climb
Yibubuxiang, do not say to yourself is the most difficult to overcome
people themselves, the meaning of these words is that the biggest obstacle to a person's success does not come from the outside world, but itself. Only control myself, to control the pressure to yield to the pressure in front of you.
3, the emotion into the rationality of the box
a generation of resistance is often subtle, but it effects a person's life is huge, this effect reflected from the many little things. We should try to eliminate their negative emotions, because it will give us not only cause physical and psychological harm, and in our road to success, and negative emotions can sometimes become a stumbling block.
To your success, you have the emotional into the rational case, you have to adapt to others, adapt to the situation, otherwise, you are not destined to become a major event, destined to be eliminated.
4, the power of thought alone can stimulate
alone if you know how, then, into the big people who are good at being alone - alone in the process in the power of inspired thinking.
low self-esteem can be overwhelming, like a mountain man and you will never silence can also be generated as a powerful forward momentum.
step ahead than others, to create a successful state of mind.
in alone, you should be thinking, do not always overstaffed.
5, pressure is the best incentive
who want to become a major event, because of lofty goals, the pressure may be greater. But Ruoyu into the event, to be able to withstand this pressure, the pressure as the driving force to promote life.
one of the most outstanding work is often the case out in the face of adversity made. People will want to have to do certain things. Must be done well, the firm does not do.
does not necessarily get good news,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is not all lost a bad thing.
6, the transformation strain, have a way out
of change, good change, to adjust their programs of action, which is as big a way to adapt to reality.
a person does not deal with people and the superb skills, the circumstances did not mind all the bases, flexible means to the situation simply can not control the large, will be difficult to become a major event.
a person can see their status, attitude will balance the many, we can look to an objective view, understand the world, and adjust their behavior accordingly.
7, self-confidence is a strong pillar of life who
confidence sufficient ability to adapt to high and low adaptive capacity and vice versa.
general lack of confidence in some of the more serious people who are often psychosomatic symptoms, such as the eccentric, fear with people, talking too extreme,black peep toe pump Folk inventory of 24 solar ter, pessimism.
If the work experience of the more successful, then the confidence will be.
opportunity to exercise self-less successful,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more self-confidence is weak, resulting in a serious inferiority complex.
nineteenth century thinkers Ralph Waldo Emerson said: .
not a major event into the event and those who are different only in some small action: spend 5 minutes a day reading, and more make a phone call, much effort that a representation at the right time, performing on multiple charges a little effort, and more do some research, or in the laboratory test once more.
in action before you know whether you competent to this task.
no excuse can be interpreted as the will Why you still can not be qualified for a job a long time.
Whether you want to pursue what you have to force yourself to enhance the capacity to achieve goals.
spare no effort to practice, engage in active practice, it still spare no practice! Never stop learning, and be sure to apply the knowledge acquired in daily life.
9,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to concentrate on doing one thing
If most people focus on a task focused, they can do this work well.
the great things is that traders who make decisions quickly and decisively, they are always the first to identify a clear goal and focus and dedication towards this goal.
time only concentrate on doing one thing, threw himself into and actively want it to succeed, so that your heart will not feel exhausted.
do you need to think of a big row of a small drawer in the drawer. Do not always think of all the drawers, but to focus on that you have to open the drawer. Means each man is not the same things, you can tell, there is a kind of a person means a person means to have a success on their own way. Numerous facts have shown that some people are too self-confident, sure miss their means to solve any problem, but do not know that this is often not have any effect. Therefore, they always feel that the goal of success is not getting away from the past, but actually getting away.

into a big attitude
necessary state of mind of 9: positive
1. always thinking stand out
2. do A successful start
6. In the ordinary to do extraordinary things
7. to keep the young mind is very important
8. is always positive, active, enthusiastic attitude
II: diligent humility
1. Top Gun thinking, and get down to dry
2. Qin Jing industry, humility man
3. diligence than talent
4. hard-working breeds success, the lazy genius destroyed
5. cultivate the habit of hard work will be a lifetime benefit
6. have a hard, there is a harvest
7. perseverance and support to
8. Murdoch Jun-line early, even as early as the third pedestrian
mind: honest and trustworthy
1. honesty is the essence from their
2. honest and trustworthy are the big winners
3. in good faith to lay a successful foundation
4. sincere friendship will make your business more developed
5. a man should be upright conduct
6. honesty is as big a br> 7. to become a major event, deal with them not rashly
8. to be honest, with the enthusiasm of the four things
mind: the courage to challenge
1. dare to challenge themselves, to overcome the demeaning psychological
2. Challenge No Limit
3. persist in the end made by the courage, halfway is a coward
4. for the challenges provoked into a big confidence
5. Courage is the good way to overcome difficulties
6. Katsuhito by force, since the winner strong
7. persistence and perseverance are great things in the basic skills
8. perseverance great things, a little attitude no way out
Five: Six good cooperation
mind: Contentment Seven of balance
mind: cheerful attitude of the eight
: nine generous guest,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],
mind: always confident

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