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 hair straightener iron 12 perfect match and must n

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Aries. Taurus. Gemini Cancer
. Leo. Virgo Libra
. Scorpio.
Sagittarius Capricorn. Aquarius. Pisces Aries

perfect match: Aries have strong stubborn nature, so for sure to find him (her) people. Life will be artfully arranged Leo is the most appropriate object; personality clear and optimistic, Sagittarians will be the attitude of humility you the most generous,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], congenial personality. Can encourage each other to share a common purpose of Aries is never commensurate with the object
: Cancer volatile temperament, indecisive Libra,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], old-fashioned, stubborn Capricorn,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], are not matched.
perfect match: Taurus to attach importance to the safety and comfort. The best object is the family and the family has a sense of responsibility. Capricorn perseverance; have the right to design and living well in the peacebuilding efforts of the family Virgo; and who share your interests and hobbies belong to Taurus , and are suitable for the object.
must not be equipped with: Leo vanity; deep and stubborn Scorpio, Aquarius rebel weird.
perfect match: Gemini do not like the monotony of life, so Aquarius can bring fresh changes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this is the ideal object, bring your youth and vitality. Smart and lively, gentle and lovely Libra Gemini very high level of knowledge, but also for you.
must not be equipped with: Virgo will become redundant and can not get along with the object; Sagittarius makes you nervous is the main reason; Pisces empty boring life, you can not make him (her) communication.
perfect match: Cancer is a multi-lover, like 'love marathon', if love is sacrifice in the end. Full of romantic love and attention to internal and Pisces; also lost their lives in Scorpio can; there is a Cancer with the object, are the best match.
must not be equipped with: Libra completely different way of life; love lessons all day and others frown Capricorn; impulse rash Aries.
perfect match: Leo,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], good performance, like to be a compliment, the ideal object and you can share those concerns, joys and sorrows of Aries; a free, progressive thinking, cheerful, and you would like to enjoy life,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to achieve the ideal striker Block; also belong to Leo, are commensurate with the object.
must not be equipped with: too selfish, adhere to the gloomy Scorpio; to break all your good Aquarius; stubborn Taurus, are not happy.
perfect match: Virgo vision innocent, commensurate with the object is to make him (her) respect for the Taurus has a childlike innocence; prudent and realistic economic base have Capricorn; heavy spiritual life Virgo.
must not be allocated: will make you feel no sense of responsibility or flighty Sagittarius; Pisces also make you depressed .
perfect match: Libra commensurate with the object, such as the pursuit of security and happiness of life and never flinch Aquarius difficulties; lively beauty and rich humor, so you will not feel lonely Gemini; same Libra has a moderate peaceful character, are ideal.
must not be assigned: the simple lack of life in conservative Capricorn; rough and hot-tempered Aries, divorce and more; Cancer cause disharmony pace of life pace of life disorder.
perfect match: Scorpio commensurate with the object of love, money and spirit of mutual respect for each other secrets can be Pisces; can take to defend their homes construction and Cancer; also belong to the object of Scorpio, can maintain the integrity of each other, live a peaceful and happy life.
must not be equipped with: garrulous talkative Aquarius is not appropriate; stubbornness and greed will be heavy clashes Taurus; vanity, or trick of Leo will only disappoint you.
perfect match: unrestrained, wildly imaginative striker refused to be manipulated, and Aries are perfect for each other, and Taurus can appreciate each other. Jumping Gemini is a fatal attraction, Sagittarius, and Cancer will have a mysterious fate, oh.
must not be equipped with: and Virgo dislike to each other, compared to the rigid Capricorn does not feel romantic Pisces and Sagittarius is not the intersection, and the results will be.
perfect match : Capricorn lonely, patient's personality, combined with half the effort of late-onset than the average person; it must be able to find an object of mutual cooperation and amiable. Such as mild and considerate and compassionate Virgo; forever young Taurus; and patient , honest and reliable people who belong to Capricorn, are commensurate.
must not be equipped with: pure and straightforward and with a stubborn Aries violence; talented but emotional Cancer can cause division; life Libra different approach and separate easily disagree.
perfect match: a accommodating Gemini can the most appropriate respect for others; and you maintain a harmonious and caring Libra; with deep insight and full of humane Aquarius, is the most suitable.
must not be equipped with: I wonder if Taurus modifications; Love in the pace of life away from the Ambassador Leo disorder; gloomy insisted Scorpio, will the two sides into the Cold War.
perfect match: Cancer ingenuity and love of family ; of love and privacy very seriously Scorpio; with the spirit of sacrifice and dedication, through thick and thin are both Pisces, and are suitable for the object.
must not be equipped with: Love in mismatched Gemini makes you feel unable to trust; picky Virgo would be trivial to compose a song for divorce; Sagittarius split personality of Pisces too understanding, will make you live a life without joy.

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