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 Abas Travel Guxiang probe

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Abas guxiang, located in Guangdong, Jiangxi and Guangdong Nanxiong county north of the border, not far from the large over the county. Not long ago, I went to a large number of people with literary friends than interviews, completion of public office, the owner asked me the same tour Abas Lane, he is pleased to swear to.
Abas Lane, in fact, is the seat town, among the masses in this area is almost a household name, not only because it is a town with a thousand years of history, but more importantly because it is the time of the Hakka people migrated to the south end result, many regarded it as ancestors of the Hakka people, the homeland of the township, in the middle of influential overseas Chinese.
According to historical records, since the Tang Dynasty has been Abas guxiang South Central Plains leading commercial center. Tang Kaiyuan 716 years, the ling Feng Zhao cut a new path with a large G that Mei Ling Guan Road, a north-south transport routes, trail wear Abas over, therefore porters business travel or vice versa, often into the Lane will rest, Abas has become a very thriving commercial center. Abas with cobblestones and granite brick roadway, lane's Kurau, pagodas, bridges, Guci other ancient architectural sites still exist, then imagine the first floor of lane five, ten a Court, both sides of the restaurant wine shop, row upon row of shops inn is how bustling. Chin Huang Kung Fu Ming Dynasty had poem reads: portrayal. Abas guxiang
many places of interest within, this deposit has Simaqiao the main, south, central and northern gate, Royal pagoda, statue of Hu Fei, ZHANG Chang's former residence, lake water, sand, stone and other groups, each of monuments are a story, but the number may be the most famous legend of the Royal Pagoda. According to legend, the degree cases Song Xianchun years, framed by a traitor Chia Ssu Hu Fei [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Hu Fei no choice but to escape the palace, living on the rivers and lakes, traveling to the Qiantang River in Hangzhou Lin'an today, Qiayu Nanxiong Abas from businessmen doing business in Lane to the Huang Lin Storage million. Huang million less storage, and ran official denounced [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], official Qizou Zhao Ting, Dahir bloodbath Abas Lane, Ji-Hu Fei vindictive. To avoid this impending massacre villagers, his family have fled, most of the south around the Pearl River Delta. Hu Fei rushed for four people is not implicated, the Tou Jing himself, so the court held. Fei Hu after the man miss, so in the old well on the placement of stone pagoda, a commemoration. This is 3.36 meters high pagoda Royal diameter of 1.2 m, solid body, octagonal tower, a total of seven. Spire strange shapes, each engraved with lotus motifs and statues, carved rugged, refined and unique, lifelike. Also engraved on the stone tower Abas guxiang
Hakka south as the year when a final goal of restoration of monuments and develop tourism resources lane has become a local consensus. Now, Abas Lane Historical Museum has been built, the museum for the two-story building, the appearance of simple, solemn, Hong-li, in front of a square, people on both sides of the hard work Zhuji Lane, south of history of the group of statues. Abas Lane Museum has some cultural and historical archive, a kind showroom, calligraphy and painting exhibition room, video room and Abas Lane History Research. Walk along the museum, that is, all blocks of the new surname ancestral ancestral home, the ancestral patchwork, exquisite architecture [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Font generation of architectural style, antique look, ah, Guxiang Abas, has now become a rich cultural and historical connotations of folk , beautiful facilities, beautiful natural scenery and a fully equipped tourist spots!
Yes, a thousand years [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], generation after generation of Hakka ancestors migrated to the south, where the struggle to live here, leaving behind a rich history and moving story. The first floor of a lane, a brick and stone, have a history and a tortuous section of moving story, a Hakka ancestors hard work, the historical development of the Lingnan witness. The old Simaqiao, far and near that joint Royal pagoda, that clouds of the Millennium banyan, that the sand free water temple site, there was the former residence renovated and three new ZHANG Chang-gate, as if to silently telling people who struggle the rest south Hakka ancestors, moving story of a pioneering spirit. Here deposition history and culture blend in here. Abas Lane with its deep cultural connotation, attracted here to visit a number of Hakka descent, with this Diaogu, particularly since reform and opening, Lane Abas became Hakka descent living abroad to come to travel, visual impact, nostalgia, homesickness ancestral land, as descendants at home and abroad to contact their hometown and the hub of cultural exchange.

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