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Home Inns Online Marketing: stick to the consumer

Liu Dan

2010 年 3 月 12 to the end of May, a total of 6975 people took part in a lecture entitled , published in Environmental creative 2041.
behind this set of data is the event's organizers, such as hotel Group Co., Ltd. in less than 3 months, the gaming platform developed by the more than 3,000 new members; Shanghai World Expo, these members, such as hotel occupancy room nights generated more than more than 2,000 rooms, bringing revenues of 42 million.
However, most people do not know if this hotel Internet marketing is carried out because of the Expo in a warm-up experiments, and real change begins at the site earlier this year, such as revision.
online marketing

8 29, in Chen Shun Hotel Group Marketing Director, told reporters:
In fact,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as the hotel began in the early re-design websites,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but to go to 7-8 on the line. Because not keep up with the World Expo in May, during the Expo in order to allow more people to choose such as home, only through this event to promote, users can then search or through other means to know as home.
Chan Shun said, the hotel industry with the average difference is that consumer industry, can provide the products is limited to 7,000 stores nationwide, if you want to add a new shop to be. This also means that the hotel industry in marketing and promotion of investment is limited.
Therefore, if the family decided to try new marketing methods, such as network marketing or e-commerce model. Compared to traditional e-commerce and the hotel industry does not need is a great advantage of logistics, which can largely reduce marketing costs.
At the same time, the current model of consumer decision-making is no longer concerned about the interest from the traditional, and finally results in a purchase, and consumers in the information age is concerned, interest, and then search results in a purchase. Consumers buy the product will take the initiative before the search products, is more important is to buy, you can use the product through the network to share their feelings and experiences to the Internet, social networking sites.
whether it is before buying or using the search behavior of users after the evaluation, all contribute to the spread of the brand's second chance. Chen Shun said, we emphasize the consumer stickiness is to make people fall in love with you do not know, let people know you recommended, you can use this mechanism to make the marketing investment to achieve a multiplier effect.
Home is now the focus of the marketing slowly shift from line to line, to penetrate into the concept of e-commerce site in the past. While on the site prior to the online booking has been achieved, but more often just a picture of the display platform. And now user-friendly Web site design is based on reservation and sales of centered, completely changed the experience of booking, the website all the activities are designed to generate orders.
Chan Shun said that the future will not rule out trying to do some of SNS activity. Because we want to find things that really stick guests. If consumers in the home, 70% are business and tourism, especially tourism. In view of the Raiders on the network quality is not much thought of as home to do community around tourism and Raiders.
2009 年 10 months, such as hotel groups and Joint Tencent, National Geographic magazine,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], map it to carry out large-scale joint network activities Home more than 120 cities to carry out more than 600 hotel chain linkage. Home of more than 250 million members and tens of millions travel focus groups will be involved.
stick consumers

Guests at Home, 30% are repeat customers, member contributions, such as home sales of more than 50% of total sales. Gold stay 6-7 times per year, the number of days stay in 2 days or so, ordinary members to stay an average of 3 times per year, the number of days stay of 1.5 days.
Chan Shun said, the same house in different cities, such as the home to convey to consumers is a word,
only brand, according to excellent research in August 2010 showed that, among economy hotel brand, like the home is the closest to the comfort and warmth of the brand positioning. Shun-for example, such as the bathroom towels, toothbrushes and other sanitary ware are two different colors, which makes staying at the same time customers can easily distinguish between the two, avoided. Home every attentive service as much as possible to meet the emotional needs of consumers.
It is understood that, as of December 2009, such as family guests Puka circulation reached 2.1 million, while playing off the Jiabinjinka 8.8 circulation is 70 million, not only for these members Home contributed more than 50% of the fixed room rates, but also in developing new business models such as the family, provide a large number of potential users.
Chan Shun said that this year 80% of the new stores opened in the fourth quarter. With the new stores opened in the second half, the new members will be more, is expected to reach 400 million this year, there is no problem, hoping to grow to 450 million.
2010 年 6 月 12 days are as a budget hotel to launch the first business book Presented with the book a Jiabin Ka, registration statistics, published as such has brought home to 20,000 new members.
This book tells the Home in the 4-year period, from scratch to the NASDAQ, financing more than 100 million U.S. dollars of the growth experience, dream, the last chapter, such as the family's future. Chen Shun said that if home made membership, cultural, emotional and other sticky marketing have a common purpose: to occupy the minds of consumers. Future business who occupy the mind of consumers, will have a brand, especially in the service sector enterprises who should from the point of view on the three-dimensional, fully occupy the minds of consumers, build brands.
before, such as the home is the use of brand marketing major trend on the market to do marketing, all aspects of the stay outside to provide value services to consumers, increased viscosity, which makes the limited marketing investment to reach a very large effect. Such as brand alliances,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], by borrowing the relevant industries such as aviation, catering, banking, tourism and other platforms, so that consumers get more value for their house brands, such as a greater viscosity.
Chen Shun, told reporters that once the website marketing platform to build a good future, online marketing is bound with the membership, and into the customer relationship management. Customer relationship management and membership management is not the same. If customers stay home now,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], half of the member, as well as the other half not. These have been chosen as home, though not a member, but since lived in the home will understand, such as services, to their development to become a member than to look for a much lower cost.

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