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 Adidas Sunglasses 2011 Backup Care is More Than Ch

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Employer sponsored child care provides ongoing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],Police Sunglasses Outlet Online Am I a people pers, day to day care for children, usually at a child care center. Backup care differs from child care because it is designed to provide care for the employee’s loved ones – children or adults – when the regular care arrangement (such as the child care center,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a nanny or an adult caregiver) is not available.
Backup care helps employees at a time when stress may be very high. If an employee needs to get to work and a caregiver is suddenly unavailable, he or she may need to make a difficult choice between missing work or leaving loved ones unattended. Backup care eliminates this dilemma and reduces stress for the employee.
Backup care is more than child care
A benefit called backup care is becoming increasingly popular. Backup care can benefit nearly all employees and offers a measurable return on investment for the employer. The principle of backup care is simple. This benefit provides fill-in child care or adult care so that an employee will not have to miss work when regular caregivers are not available.
In these or similar situations, the employee simply calls a toll-free number or visits the backup care provider’s website to arrange for a caregiver. The employee pays a very small per-hour co-pay for every hour that the backup care provider is on-site. In most cases, the employee can arrange for the backup care provider to come to the home early, so that he or she can meet and be comfortable with the caregiver before leaving for work.
Backup care is a benefit that can extend the impact of the employer’s child care offerings. It can be attractive to most employees and can help employers avoid unplanned costs. For these reasons,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], backup care is a benefit that should be carefully evaluated and strongly considered by many employers.
Differences between child care and backup care
Many employers offer onsite child care for employees’ children. Some companies provide discounted child care at nearby child care centers. On-site or nearby child care is a popular benefit, but can be expensive for employers. Because of space limitations, child care often benefits only a small percentage of the employer’s workforce.
Most of the cost of backup care is borne by the employer. The employer contracts with a backup care provider, who in turn has agreements with caregiver agencies across the country. The employer cost for backup care can vary, but is generally very affordable as compared to other employee benefits.
Backup care examples
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Backup care has a payoff for the employer
The child care center is closed for a holiday.The nanny is sick.A spouse is recovering from surgery.An elderly parent needs short-term care.
Employers offer backup care so that employees can get to work when regular child care or adult care arrangements fall through. Here are a few examples of situations where backup care can be used.
Backup care has a special appeal for an employer because the benefit can have a tangible return on investment. Backup care helps employees avoid missing work. The employer avoids unplanned overtime and lost productivity. This is especially important in 24/7 operations such as healthcare or transportation.

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