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 Air Force 1 High Antioxidant Defense Support, this

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PostWysłany: Pon 10:28, 23 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Air Force 1 High Antioxidant Defense Support, this

Throughout all those years you were climbing up the latter. Giving your body the proper elements in the right form and proper balance, would have helped your body regenerate. In effect, that means you are climbing down the ladder. So, you were at 9 [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but now you're heading toward 3 (a migraine doesn't seem so bad now), then 2 (a mere headache) until you come back to one and feel pretty darn good.
If all of this happens to you, you may cut down a little bit on your nutrients and your antioxidant for a short period of time (a couple days) until you start to feeling better. Then start to take what you where originally taking before the pain was too much.

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Your body is smart enough to recognize the good from the bad nutrients. If you supply your body with the right nutrients, it will automatically use the best nutrients without thinking twice, thereby regenerating your body and reversing the degeneration process.
Another reason you may feel those healing pains is the fact that with all the proper elements in the right form and the proper balance you will start the detoxification process and your body will begin to get rid of all the toxic wastes garbage) that it was carrying around for all that time. All this is possible due to a powerful antioxidant defense support system within your body .
At first you might feel the "healing pains", but that is normal. The reason that healing pains occur is simple. Your body will go into shock. For all these years it has been living through threats, etc. and now, through your antioxidant defense support system, you are suddenly supplying everything it needs to fix itself.
The supplement's job is to supply the antioxidant defense support system with the proper elements in the right form with the proper balance, so your body can achieve its objective/job, which is to maintain, repair, and prevent diseases, and heal itself.
The first couple days that the antioxidant defense support system is in the detoxification process, you might have a burst of energy, depending on your state before taking the supplements, or you could have a system shut down where your whole body falls into what seems like a sleep mode, where you feel incredibly tired for a couple days, depending on how bad your degeneration is.
Antioxidant Defense Support
Example: Lets use a scale of from 1 to 10, 1 being top shape, perfect health, and 10 being really bad, advanced degeneration. As you grow older, because of the lack of the proper nutrients and today's stress levels, your body constantly moves toward the advanced degeneration level (going up towards 10); you start at level 2 (maybe a headache), then 3 (a migraine), and the next thing you know you are up to level 9 (early stages of cancer).
The antioxidant defense support is the weapon behind the detoxification process. After all theses years of contamination, it's time to detoxify your precious, one and only body.
Wow! It sounds great, doesn't it? Taking supplemental nutrition will heal you. Well, the answer to that is, no it won't. Sorry to disappoint you, but a supplement's function is not to cure you.

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