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 Ed Hardy 2011 Candle Magic 101

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・ Concentration and think are major as it sets the mood and balances the universal energy for a neutral and genuine start to the candle magic ritual.
Purple- will, power, psychics' aptitude, divination use
Orange- attraction, encouragement
Brown- earth related, beast related
The common colour correspondence for candle magic is as follows:
Candle magic is one of the premier and simplest fashions of magic nigh. It has been around for centuries and can be traced above ceremonies and rituals as distant behind as the Palaeolithic epoch. Interestingly, maximum of us have preformed candle magic without actually consciously thinking about it.
White- purity, fact, (overall generic candle colour secondhand because anyone position)
If you are considering using candle magic here are some handy tips:
・ Some rituals need to be reiterated over a phase of days to gain in strength.
This practice is so easy and warmhearted used for it utilises few ceremonial tools but still turns around the same value of magic that is needed. Also the truth that you can literally build candle magic anywhere- from your bedroom, the backyard or the shore makes it desirable and mobile.
Red- prowess, love, health, lust
The wish and ritual can be for simple or as complicated as you desire- there is not right alternatively erroneous way approximately things. Because of this, candle magic offers us a become to interact and partake with the prevalent energy and heavenly power in our lives.
Any type of candle can be used by the time it has been cleansed and consecrated prior to use as vibrations and energies given at the candle needs to be pure and current. Consecration of candles is created through the use of characteristic fuels or herbs for specific purposes.
In array to perceptible or dispel the right energy the use of candle colours come into activity as there are definite colours which are used for the right intentions. The premeditated use of colours serves to knit the intent backward act candle magic and makes it easier to converge on the result.
Silver- reflection, intuition,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], lunar connections
・ If you do need to extinguish the candle, watery your fingers and extinguish the candle namely path instead of beating it out. Blowing the candle expels the concentrated magic and energy lowers in strength.
Gold- financial acquire, plenty, fertility
・ With gained learning magic can be even more powerful with the use of corresponding days.
Because of this bougie magic has seen a important mushroom in popularity if practice within modern witchcraft.
From the period you've blown out a candle on your birthday cake to make a wish come true- to the time you've lit a candle in church for a special ritual (such as baptism or a monument) you are essentially tapping into the splendid earth of candle magic.
Pink- friendship, sweet love
Light blue- health, patience, comprehending, communication
・ It is best to leave a candle burning continuously until the candle burns itself out entirely as it gives the magic time to grow in strength as time goes by without disruptions.
Candle magic can be used to manifest or dispel, fascinate or protect, increase or dwindle needed or wanted things in your life. Examples are health, healing, prosperity, asset, development of knowledge, protection of ego.
Black- negativity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], banishment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], grounding
Anyone can practice this as there is no set faiths to practice this primordial craft.
Dark blue- depression, vulnerability,

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