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 Ed Hardy Hoodies9Prepare For Storms With Garage Do

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Long-life food. Long life milk and food is always useful. Especially when theres a power cut.
Manual can opener.
Cash . ATMs and bank machines may not be working, keep cash handy just in case.
Learn how to manually open all auto-doors or gates. Garage doors are usually remote control operated [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so when the power is down the doors wont work. When manually closing the doors, make sure the bottom of the garage door makes contact with the threshold seal which is usually set horizontally along the threshold of the garage.
paring for incoming; the 10 Keeps
Ice storms, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and hurricanes can cause complete destruction to power systems all over the country. It takes time to clear away debris, deliver new poles transformers and equipment to recover the system. Even with the advanced equipment [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it could be days before some get there power back online. So if a storm is coming your way, take heed of the following keeps:
Keep your house sealed tight. Make sure your windows, doors and garage doors are locked and sealed. Check your garage door bottom or threshold seals and ensure that wind or water cannot flood in.
Keep up to date with current weather conditions. Understanding the terminology that goes with weather warnings and conditions is also important.
Keep an updated personal list of emergency phone numbers. Its hard to remember these when faced with a crisis. Believe you me [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
Keep the fridge and freezer set to the lowest temperature setting. In a power cut, your food will remain stored and edible for a longer period.
Keep enough food in the house. Make a plan on how you and your family will survive in the event of a storm. If theres a power cut or its dangerous to venture out, you wont be able to replenish your groceries or visit restaurants. Also, if you have a barbeque or a gas grill in your garden, be sure to keep spare gas cylinders for cooking.
Keep alternative heating systems. Like gas for example. If its winter and the electric powers down, you may not be able to sufficiently heat your house. Make sure your house is insulated properly. Uninsulated garages, doors and windows will make your house colder quicker.
Keep water in your bathtub. During a power cut, the electric pumps that distribute water around the house will not work for flushing toilets etc. So make sure the bath is filled.
Keep car fuelled up in the garage. It might be necessary for you relocate at short notice. Fuel stations maybe without power too.
Keep your laptop and mobile phones fully charged. You might need these for additional methods of communication.
Keep extra batteries for extra appliances.
Items to keep handy:
Flashlights and torches. Have these handy for each member of the family.
Battery-powered radio. Youll need these to listen to the latest weather reports.
Candles and matches. Use these with caution, especially when children are present.
Fully charged mobile phone. Use this to contact authorities and services or check for latest updates and reports.
Drinking water containers. It will be necessary prepare drinking water when
taps and faucets are not working.

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