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 jordans spizike The Evolution of the Zombie Movie

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PostWysłany: Pią 4:38, 15 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: jordans spizike The Evolution of the Zombie Movie

George Romero created the zombie film genre with his 1969 classic Night of the Living Dead. Romero defined human-zombie interaction, setting precedents that were obeyed in zombie film-making for the next two decades and finally challenged and re-imagined in current films.
As the Cold War ended, zombie films of the 1980s began to mock these conventional standards. Zombies continued their slow, unabated shuffle towards dwindling pockets of humanity, but film makers began to focus on the more gruesome aspects of the industry available to them.
Zombies ceased to be the end product of random solar radiation or unknown chemical reactions and became instead the result, intended or otherwise, of government and corporate biological experimentation. 2002s 28 Days Later attributed the zombie populace to a rage virus developed by the government. That same year saw the release of Resident Evil based on the video game of the same name in which the evil Umbrella Corporation releases a zombie-creating virus accidentally from its hidden experimentation laboratories.
Zombie Films From the 1980s - 1990s
The dead walk in a slow, shambling fashion to catch their intended targets and habitually appear from previously thought empty hideouts. Survivors clear a room only to discover one zombie remaining hidden behind an open door or darkened closet.
These films reflected the Cold War generations to which they catered and symbolized humanity’s hopeless future, destined to end in total species annihilation with death advancing forwards in a slow but inevitable straight line. Death in these films was unavoidable for human kind, whether it arrived sooner or later for individual victims. In the face of such an outcome [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], individuality became meaningless. Death, like the nuclear bomb threats that terrorized the country, was no respecter of persons.
As a result, films were advertised and marketed based on the level of gore shown within the film. Methods of killing zombies grew in special effects and absurdity until each film merely attempted to outdo the previous in measures of creativity in eliminating zombies.
Zombie films produced after 2000, however, witnessed a resurgence of devotion to traditional plot elements with a fresh perspective on the old definitions of the genre and a new evil to place behind the face of the undead.
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Teaser Trailer for CGI Zombie Film
Zombieland 2009 Film Starring Woody Harrelson
Film Review - Zombieland
1960s - 1970s Zombie Movies
The Romero films which followed Night of the Living Dead such as Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead subscribed to the standards created in his original film. The films focus on a small but determined band of survivors that battle the undead until [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], one-by-one, they each succumb to the ravaging hordes and none remain alive.
These films transformed zombies from a simple representation of the ultimate ravaging eventuality of human mortality into a larger symbol of the evils of centralized government and big business. The survivors, who, in the 1970s films fought in futility to stave of
The plots of zombie films of the 1980s and 1990s became formulaic [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], no longer driven in intensity by the extremes to which humanity was forced to survive. Plot twists in which survivors turned on one another and began killing each other before the zombies arrived became expected rather than suspense-filled.
These films were nicknamed Grindhouse films due to their multiplicity and bad quality. Audiences perceived that horror films were churned out of a perpetual studio grindhouse that cared little for plot, film quality, acting, or quality.

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