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 jordan 2011 Walking in The Alpujarras in Spain A W

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Alpujarra has a rich cultural heritage, with Moorish and even Visigoth roots. Historically, it was a region of isolated, and inaccessible communities. Its habitants were the last to submit to the Moors, and having embraced Islam, the last to accept the reconquest.
The Alpujarras, or la Alpujarra, are a spectacular mountain range stretching from the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the coastal mountains of the Sierra Almijara, and including Mulhacen (3482m), Spain's highest peak. It’s one of the Mediterranean’s most biologically diverse areas - a paradise for the bird watcher or butterfly hunter, with 145 bird species and 120 butterflies. The wealth of animal life includes wild boar, ibex and five different carnivores.
Beyond the cultivated areas, the hillsides are carpeted by maquis or garrigue - colourful flowering shrubs like broom and cistus, and a host of smaller herbs, bulbs and dainty orchids. Elsewhere, forests predominate - either pines or the native evergreen oak. Higher still, above the tree line, is an entirely different zone of alpine pastures, giving way in turn to barren rock and finally a glacial land of near-permanent ice and snow. Even here [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], astonishingly, lichens and tiny alpine flowers survive, sheltering in fissures and crevices from the freezing winds.
Wear stout, non-slip footwear and carry a walking pole.Carry drinking water, and
Capileira and Trevelez - Quintessential Alpujarran Villages
Climate and the Alpujarra Walking Season
Two of the most attractive Alpujarran villages and the two highest in Spain, are Calpileira and Trevelez, both around 1500m above sea level. They are also both excellent walking bases [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with helpful advice centres, a good range of accommodation, bars and restaurants, and well placed on a network of mountain walking trails connecting them with the high Sierra, and other village like Pampaneira and Pitres.
Precautions when Walking in the Alpujarra
Today the unique architecture of Alpujarra's picturesque villages, with their flat slate roofs and tophat chimneys reflects this history and isolation.
The well watered slopes and great variations in altitude produce wonderfully varied scenery. The lowland valley-bottoms are often thickly wooded, or crowded with flowering shrubs. A little higher, the fertile slopes are a patchwork of wild flower meadows, pasture, cherry orchards, chestnut groves and grain fields - the Alpujarra was once a highly productive grain producing area, leaving a legacy of stone paved threshing circles dotting the hillsides, connected by the network of ancient mule tracks followed by many of the present day walking trails.
Being so high [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Alpujarras have a longer, colder winter than other parts of Andalucia, but are less prone to excessively hot summers. The best months for hiking in the mountains are April to early June, and September.
Read on
Where to Walk in Andalucia in Spain
A Walk down the Higueron Valley in Andalucia
Climbing el Fuerte from Frigiliana, Spain
Bus Services in the Alpujarra
Regular daily bus services connect the mountain villages, with links to Granada to the north and the coastal town of Motril to the south. There’s also a seasonal and weather-dependent bus service which runs from Capileira high into the Sierra Nevada National Park. These services allow the walker to extend their range by planning walk-there-ride-back routes.
The Landscape of the Alpujarra
The Alpujarras offer a magnificent experience to the walker, but the extremes of temperature and the possibility of sudden storms or poor visibility demand more than usual caution. Walkers should always:

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