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 New Balance 2011 Credence Unveils New High Density

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:apparatus instrument,Credence Unveil,the Diamond Test Platform
Industry-Leading Channel Density Enables Larger Multisite Counts, Allowing Higher Throughput for Customers Without Adding More Test Cells on the Production Floor
Credence Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: CMOS), a provider of automated test equipment (ATE) solutions for the worldwide semiconductor manufacture, unveiled the latest addition to its family of value-driven instruments for the Diamond test platform. The 72-channel HDVI (High Density Voltage/Current) instrument is targeted at significantly reducing the cost of test at enabling large numbers of sites to be tested in collateral. The HDVI instrument's high-precision source and measurement capability is ideal for testing microcontrollers, audio, movie, telegraph cellular, digital camera, baseband and power treatment devices secondhand in a broad range of cost-sensitive petitions.
The industry-leading V/I channel calculate of the HDVI -- up to 432 channels on the Diamond 10, and 1728 channels on the Diamond 40 -- results in significantly lower cost-per-channel. It also helps to free up more instrument slots in the tester, thereby enabling larger multisite configurations. When combined with the Diamond platform's other high-density instruments, HDVI boosts the capacity of each test system and accordingly reduces the number of test cells needed on the production floor. At the same period, throughput is dramatically increased by the high degree of parallel test capability.
"Our purchasers proceed apt face intense amount oppressions, which is driving higher-count multisite testing for cost of test and throughput promotions. SoC/SiP devices are also growing more intricate via increasing integration of features, placing greater pin-count and test scope demands ashore ATE," stated Amir Aghdaei, senior vice premier of field operations and marketing by Credence. "Clearly, gain costs and operational efficiency of the test system have convert especially critical. With the increase of the HDVI instrument, the Diamond platform can cost-effectively test higher site counts without appended capex demand,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], aiding our clients apt reside on altitude of rising claim and falling ASPs and thus encounter profitability goals."
Diamond HDVI Instrument: Technology Summary
The HDVI instrument enables effective use of test brain resources (slots) via a roomy scope of functionality and innovative features that traditionally required multiple V/I options on other platforms. The HDVI contains 72 channels that can be manipulated in 1 of two modes: (1) Voltage/Current Supply (VIS) and (2) Precision Analog Source (PAS). The VIS mode attempts 72 channels of general intention, four-quadrant V/I capacity for up to +/-7V and a highest of +/-2A. In the PAS mode, each channel is capable of sourcing user-defined analog waveforms with very lofty precision for driving analog inputs of microcontrollers and embedded ADCs to perform INL and DNL tests.
Key HDVI features and benefits:
-- Industry-leading V/I channel density delivers best throughput and
parallel test efficiency.
-- Built-in, high-bandwidth input phalanx allows external instruments to
connect to multi-use DUT pins and eliminate loadboard components.
-- Trigger control for source and measure memory synchronizes operation
with tester or DUT events.
-- High-current representation on large number of pins provides coverage for
the growing embedded power management features in battery-driven consumer
-- High-accuracy voltage ( < +/-0.9 mV) and current ( < +/-80 nA)
measurements qualify authentic testing of sensitive reference pins.

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