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 Nike Air Max Lebron Viii Jessica Simpson and Tony

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PostWysłany: Śro 6:38, 13 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Nike Air Max Lebron Viii Jessica Simpson and Tony

Now, it’s the Mexico thing. If Romo reeks against the Packers in the Divisional Playoff, surely poor Jess will come in for even greater vilification. But that’s just not fair.
Jessica Has More To Lose Than Tony
Earlier this season, Romo invited Simpson to attend a game against the Eagles. TV cameras caught her vacantly staring at the field from a luxury suite while sporting a pink Cowboys’ jersey with Romo’s number 9 on it. The Cowboys lost again, prompting Terrell Owens and the throngs of Cowboys’ Nation to claim she was nothing but bad luck (and, in some cases, worse).
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NFL Football Preview 2009: Dallas Cowboys
Jessica Simpson's Weight Issue
Giants Upset Top-Seeded Cowboys
So, Jess, listen to the pleas of your true fans. Don’t let this Romo guy drag you down. Dump him while everyone still loves you.
Consumed as she must be with visions of Romo dancing in her head [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], poor Jess won’t be able to fathom her acting lessons. That makes Romo nothing more than a pothole on Jessica’s road to her inevitable Oscar.
Romo Likes Blonde Singers
Maybe it’s Tony Romo who should be getting the business from Simpson’s legion of fans. Maybe Romo is the one dragging Jess down.
By now, everyone knows about Romo’s Mexican getaway with Simpson. If you check out the blogs and message boards, you’ll note that Cowboys fans are positively apoplectic.
Worrying about the America’s Team connection, though, should be her biggest concern. If Romo plays badly and the Cowboys lose, there is only one person to blame – Jess. When that happens, what Cowboy fan in their right mind would run out and buy her latest album or see her latest flick?
Now there’s precedent for this. Last season, former Dallas coach Bill Parcells chewed out Romo for bringing another blonde singer, Carrie Underwood, onto the field prior to a game the ‘Boys eventually lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.
But Jess doesn’t need Romo for that. A little enhancement here, a bit of Botox there, maybe some collagen, heck, even just a skimpy bikini and the shutterbugs with Enquiring minds will come running.
Here’s a question: If the Dallas Cowboys really are America’s Team and if every Cowboys fan currently hates Jessica Simpson for distracting Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo when he should be concentrating entirely on football, then isn’t that bad for Jessica’s career?
Being a film star [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], however, is merely a sideline for Jess. What’s this Romo thing going to do to her music? It could delay her next album – and what a disappointment that would be for music aficionados the world over? About the best that can be hoped is that Romo treats Jess so poorly that she ends up pouring her heart and bile into an album a la Alanis Morissette (OK - that might be a stretch).
Now [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], one could argue that Romo is a pretty good catch for Jess – handsome, star athlete and all. That may explain why her father/manager Joe was also along on the trip. Maybe he smells a hot business opportunity or, at least, a publicity bonanza. After all, dating the Dallas Cowboys quarterback certainly attracts the cameras.
Still, it’s clear from every word Jess has ever uttered in public that her mind isn’t cluttered with too many deep thoughts. If she’s got Romo on the brain, there may not be room for much else, which is bad news.
Does Jess Need the Aggravation?

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