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 Submitting to Literary Journals Sending Your Writi

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Make it simple for the editors to reply to you. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your manuscript. If you are submitting from appearance of Canada, encircle Canadian stamps or an International Reply Coupon. If you wish to have your manuscript returned to you, determine you enclose ample postage to cover the costs. An email address is too momentous.
Be prepared to wait. Small literary journals are routinely understaffed and overworked. Expect to wait at fewest three to 6 months before you listen a answer. If it has been longer than this, you can email the journal and politely ask about the status of your submission.
Don't jot about your pets. Seriously. Also avoid cliche topics and anecdote lines, flow of feeling relations, and genre fiction. There are markets namely issue these types of book, but scholastic journals are generally not the place.
Read on
Writing a Manuscript Cover Letter
The Season of Writing Contests
Publishing in Periodicals
Triple-check your spelling and grammar. Editors are very busy. If they meet a spelling misdeed or a basic syntax blunder in your submission,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], accidents are they'll stop reading. Show them that you've taken the period to prepare your work.
Competition for publication in Canadian literary journals is fierce,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but whether you emulate these guidelines, you'll be more probable to succeed.
Know your journals. Every literary journal has its own neatness and preferences. Go to the magazine store alternatively the library and peruse the journals you're thinking of submitting to. Does your work mate the tone and quality of the work creature published? If not, don't waste the postage. Save your writing because a venue where it fits. Here's a catalogue of Canadian journals to get you started.
Keep track of what, where and while you've submitted. Keep agreeable records of what you're sending out. You don't absence to send the same go back apt a journal that already rejected it. Literary journals prevent simultaneous submissions that is, sending your story apt more than 1 journal as long as but most will adopt synchronous submissions at the peak of it's apparently stated in your cover letter. If you obtain an approval from 1 journal, you must instantly notify the others that you're retreating your submission.
In Canada,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], literary journals can be penetrated for a exercising ground for fashionable writers. Some writing publishers see at publication in literary journals for testimony of a writer's competence, professionalism and devotion to the craft. A portfolio of publications in these journals can aid when you approach an editor with a book proposition.
Read the journal's obedience guidelines. Most literary journals post their submission guidelines online. If not, you can contact the journal and query them to send you a duplicate. Pay particular consideration to word calculate limits and months of the annual that the journal accepts submissions.
Get snug with refusal. A small literary journal in Canada will get anywhere from 1,000 1,500 fiction manuscripts a year, and of those will be competent to publish nearly 10. Even well-established writers get rejected. Keep this in mind when you get your rejection letters. If you get anybody private remark from the editor, bless yourself. Then hang the rejection letter aboard your walls,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], take a deep breath, and send your wor
Write a concise, vocational cover letter. Address your letter to the editor. Introduce yourself and any previous publications you have. If you have many, mallet to the most recent or impressive, and if you have none, don't say it. Instead list any writing lessons you've taken or rewards you've won.

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