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 Why do I need a Website

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PostWysłany: Pią 10:09, 15 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Why do I need a Website

・ One will have complete control over personal website with the ability to say whatever is on one's mind without having to worry about how it will affect the company's credibility (and possibly losing the job).
・ By creating an own site one can present himself to the world. One's virtual online portrait will be there for the entire world to see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Owning a personal website can be an online CV or portfolio
It is a proven fact that the majority of the employers are looking for employees directly through the Internet. A similar online presentation of one's qualification, as well as of projects one has been working on, would produce positive effect at the talks when one's entrance into office is being discussed. It is possible that this might be the sole reason of one's recruitment in the company.
One's site could also serve as a forum/scene where the ‘real one' could present thoughts or express opinion about one topic or another. Thanks to a personal site one could acquaint himself with many other likeminded people with similar interests, make contacts and keep up a correspondence with people from all over the world.
One's s
v class="googleright">One does not need to have a business to own a website designed for one. Many people make additional income and even lucrative salaries from having personal websites. Blogs or journals are an excellent means of expressing one's ideas or thoughts for profit. If one has access to a computer and the ability to write, one can have a great opportunity generate profit through ad placements on the site. Listed below are some of the pay-per-click revenue providers that offer tracking code that can easily be implemented to one's web page by a skilled web designer or even copied and pasted by newbie's.
・ Google Adwords
・ Microsoft Adcenter
・ Yahoo! Publisher Network
Many people have websites to simply promote their job skills. Having a web page is wonderful addition to one's resume that could provide more insight to one's abilities. Expressing one's religion or hobbies through having a personal web page is also a popular means of letting people know one's true passion and perhaps enticing visitors that share one's common interest.
There is a never ending list of reasons one should have a new website. The earlier one start, the more establish one's Internet presence will be and the better knowledge and experience one will have gained from running the website.
More and more people are creating their very own personal websites, and with good reason - a personal website is a great way to share personal information with one's family, friends, customers, and business associates.
Advantages of a personal website:-
・ A personal website provides an easy way to share photos, information about one, and even the schedule with other people.

・ It can serve as an online "business card", explaining in detail one's background, qualifications, and the services one offer.
・ Having an own personal website means having one's own personal email address that uses one's own domain name.

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