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 best flat irons A call to 5000 people cry

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PostWysłany: Nie 18:46, 29 Maj 2011    Temat postu: best flat irons A call to 5000 people cry

me: mom, money, money to fight it.
Mom: How?
I: 200
dad: to 300 bar, put some more money, take care of the body.
I: I class, and early to give me money.
next day, more than 500 accounts on the block.

me: Mom, I'm homesick.
Mom: Shashi Hou back?
Dad: lack of money, right, Dad give you.
I: No, not used, is homesick.
Mom and Dad: Well, leave come back early, early buying, beware the body.
Dad told me later, got off the phone, Mom cried, not blame my dad, when I chose to let this unfamiliar city.

sophomore junior
Mom: You did not call a long, busy?
me: something more, ah, no time hey.
father: your mother like you, she a person at home, nothing more than call you.
I: Yes, it is busy recently, have time to call.
Dad: When the car back to pick you up.
me: No, stay in the county today, and then the students home for dinner.
Mom: I did do a table of food, ye not come back.
I: a rare thing to go home and students get together.
Mom: You have a rare home, six months before we see you again ah.
finally got home, dinner time has passed, very hungry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the refrigerator full of food, almost never moved, my mom said, you do not, your dad did not mind drinking.

me: Mom, internship so bitter, I want to go home.
Mom: go home, rest again, support it.
Dad: home, work your dad can do, even you are too poor to feed, I Baihun out.
their words, so I'm not aspiring to go home and hide a lot of days.

practice to the Northeast:
Mom: recently, Manga, eat no ah.
me: busy then casually ate noodles.
mother: can not just eat the noodles, have a nutritious, even to the point of a food to eat outside.
me: Well, I see.
New Year back home, yard,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], drying the N more dry goods, sausages, home N more pickled fish. Mom said, these do not bother, you can burn directly to eat, much better than eating noodles. Her hands are cracking in winter, those bacon, salt thin codes are good.

me: Mom, so I'm steady play you out, I have money.
Mom: you can have some money to spend so expensive outside,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], save our points.
me: I have money, you come to have a place to live.
Mom: I do have to take care of your dad.
father is inseparable from the mother, I know, Mom always worked hard life is.
a phone call every day to so few words, so I think my mom is annoying. Not too busy the day before yesterday to the home phone a few days, yesterday hit back, just ring, mother to pick up and asked Dong Zhuo did not,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and asked not to eat, and asked not tired? I thought the phone every day, not so many words, but in fact she has been waiting for my call.
each home, the table always has those one you like the food.
time chat, they always ask, do not eat, clothe no, not tired, and we had little or no question.
today is the day they had never acts, you could never resist. But now, they listen to you, you say what is right by. Because they are older, they begin to seek to rely on, while they are in this life, with only us.
call it multi-hit, three-minute time out to really not that hard. Love can be an hour a day, please give them three minutes it. Ask today's busy doing what, ask to eat today to write what, just as they ask us, they do not like us, feel tired.
remember once chatting with a friend, a friend said: to even move his finger with a thought to thought, indeed!

see this post, I silently cry, so I turned .......
I did not sentimental, we owe my parents is too much, too much ..... ...

we the parents
Please share this post now! ! ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! ! I've seen really cried! ! !
I hate people who made the post curse, not a little morality! ! ! ! ! ! I have chosen to work against
with them, I found a very strange phenomenon:
said that people who share the parents about this post can live to be 100 years old beautiful boys and girls are increasingly more and more bills people like it! ! ! ! ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! !

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