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 leather platform pumps 2008 Christmas blessing mes

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PostWysłany: Nie 15:20, 29 Maj 2011    Temat postu: leather platform pumps 2008 Christmas blessing mes

2008 Christmas is coming, everyone wishes Oh!
01 cream I want all the good news into all the blessings into soft chocolate cake made thank you all happy and say Merry Christmas!
02 together give you a Christmas tree full of gifts, on top of the largest and brightest star in my heart, my infatuation linked to create a material change is that I determined to: Merry Christmas! I wish to pray silently
03 in the upcoming Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to send me a companion with my hand through this wonderful Christmas Eve together, and he will sent you to me.
04 to 24 hours to consider will be the overwhelming blessing messages clogging the network, I have always been ahead of the wise foresight to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
05 If the annual Tonight there is a very fat old man jumped from the window to catch you put into your bag, do not worry, because I want for Christmas is you.
06 years of the past may fade, perhaps space will be separated from each other,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but that is still the true value of friendship will again say Merry Christmas to you!
07 Santa said the so-called happiness is a healthy body, there are people who love you, can rely on a bunch of friends, when you received this information, all subsequent owners.
08 previous Christmas is gray, this year with you, everything becomes different, I suddenly see the light of the world suddenly became colorful, and I sincerely thank you.
09 This is three days after I sent you the information, do not peek Oh, so that you do not look, but look, I wish you a Merry Christmas,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
10 foreigners in this festival and wanted to be with you, enjoy the magnificent atmosphere, but you and I split the two, I had no choice but to quietly say to you: br> 11 miss your laugh, miss your coat, miss your white socks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], filled with Christmas gifts.
12 Christmas to have, you have no dirty socks in the bed hangs Oh, Santa will throw me into the best gift, Merry Christmas!
13 Santa Claus, said this year he wanted to gift pack of socks in our two years, so Christmas Eve you have to stay with me.
14 Merry Christmas and best wishes for happy new year,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
15 Christmas in this charming, you stay at home Health and Egg, have a pile of dinosaur eggs, and a little egg, pig, Merry Christmas!
16 Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, what is? Not that happy sunshine, nor the birds chirp, that is the idea of ​​a pleasant and happy smile, a greeting of love Wenxin Ci.
17 these days have been a problem puzzled me, you obviously are not chickens, and why everyone should wish you a Merry Christmas it?
18 who know Christmas is a holiday? Do not know, is your day Well, is Christmas, ah! Fool.
19 HI, how do you still here, ah, you know the importance of it? Did not you, who pulled Santa to give you gifts ah, Merry Christmas!
20 heart to think of, see, smell, hear, people to the hands and feet to, say,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], do, be, time, your gift to not only spread the blessings of my .
21 because of your presence, this day is more special significance, because it can meet in a tree with you the promise of a common aspiration, let us love life now.
22 If you are Christmas, New Year's Day I am, you are Santa Claus, reindeer Astoria me, you old lady for Christmas, I was Santa Claus, Merry Christmas to you!
23 Christmas Eve with you, please give me the opportunity to humble request to meet me?
24 days in this beautiful, not the most beautiful words, no sentimental words, no fine gifts, and some just friends deeply wishes, Merry Christmas!
25 24 in the evening, two boiled eggs, I eat one of you is a Christmas gift, I wish you happy holidays!
26 bright lights on the Christmas tree, that is life, I pray you peace, the bells on Christmas Eve in the You Yang, that I wish you a happy life.
27 Christmas Eve night, I want to walk into church with you, ok?
28 like you are very old thing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], really want this Christmas Eve and you were dancing the waltz, and fell softly around you, I love you.
29 dear, though I can not accompany you through our first Christmas, but I'm going to give you our best wishes, wish you more beautiful tomorrow.
30 snow fluttering, deer Ling Xiao Xiao, sweet Christmas Eve went to the small hand Swing, dance Man-man, a happy Christmas and more beautiful.

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