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 Abercrombie Deutschland,Web2.0 -based assessment

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,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Web2.0-based assessment management system concept of the title

Abstract With the growing number of titles reported, reporting assessment growing pressure of work,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the use of Web2.0 gives us highly interactive Internet world, building a convenient efficient reporting system is a good review of work improvement program.
Keywords title declaration; evaluation; Web2.0

1 Web2.0 Summary
Web 2.0 concept was first used by O'Reilly Media CEO Tim O'Reilly, president and chief raised, is a relatively new class of Web 1.0 internet applications collectively, is an external applications from the core content to the revolution. Web2.0 in the pattern achieved by simply ; the composition of cells from the Web point of view, is a static , Web2.0 brings to people is readable and writable, participatory and highly interactive Internet world.
2 titles assessment Overview
University Teachers accreditation system is the basis of title review, procedures and powers of the sum of the principal and other university teachers and titles as the evaluation of our current education system teaching quality of teachers and the university is an important indicator of the vital interests of the teachers involved,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], directly affect the behavior of teachers is related to improved quality of higher education, so countries have been continuously review the conduct of titles related to institutional reforms, especially in the last some years, the provincial assessment model of titles to try and explore the positive, in order to measure their professional skills and performance results-oriented context, the use of quantitative assessment of the report reviews ways to declare the qualifications, level of evaluation.
is a content review cumbersome title, the work of heavy task, according to quantitative assessment criteria, applicant shall provide the necessary materials: such as returns, review form, recommendation form,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], entry form and other forms of information materials, as well as certificates, scientific research shows that the original or a copy of the published papers; material is more and more. Order examination of these materials must spend a lot of effort.
The first is the material sorted. Each title sort out the application materials need to be done, by subject, to declare the type of reporting separate order levels for the reporting senior's application materials also need to separately order the representative to trial.
Second, review the application materials need a lot of effort: the basic conditions for return has been achieved, to declare the corresponding papers, research, teaching need to review the amount of such confirmation.
Once again, the collation of the various stages of assessment results summary, through the list of public notification, data reporting, and print the certificate is also a lot of work.
3 reporting system combined with the significance of Web2.0
in the past, job evaluation to use a lot of manpower, workload, assessment of the timeliness, accuracy is not easy to achieve the desired standards, in the network Today, more advanced technology to develop a set of Web2.0-based reporting, evaluation, assessment of results of order titles online system, the use of Web2.0 features of strong interactions, in order to fully demonstrate the human condition report, review the application materials to improve efficiency in a fair and objective evaluation of the judges to give a platform is a good solution.
4 assessment system based on the declaration of Web2.0 concept
online reporting system as an organization and management review applicant qualifications, performance materials, the results support system, how to show the declaration of all aspects of human condition, fully reflect the applicant's work capacity, performance levels, to facilitate an objective and fair assessment of expert evaluation of the system function given the key, so the design must consider how a reasonable framework for these features.
4.1 user classification and data flow design
review the system to user-centric,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], user classification shown in Figure 1.

user types in Figure 1 Use Case Diagram
the basic data flow system shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2, top-level data flow diagram

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