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 Air Force 3 World's First Pet Point-of-View Vi

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PostWysłany: Sob 6:38, 14 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Air Force 3 World's First Pet Point-of-View Vi

Ever curious where your pet travels while your away from home? Curious whether your fondle is getting edible somewhere else other than your family? Have cause to deem a adjoin is abusing your pet?
them purr
...see them play
...feel them live
...Mr. Petcam!
All of these answers and more are asked daily by pet owners bring offthe world. Unfortunelty, until now, these answers have went unanswered.
As time went aboard and technology grew. So did the advancement in minuture movie cameras. It wasn't until I was an mature and traveled to the CES show in Las Vegas (client electronics convention) namely it occured to me equitable how distant we've come. And the mind of a pet nab movie camera sparked. My affair partners and I judged to devise a amusement plaything for consumers yet also a low-cost & efficacious surveillence appliance for home security. Two in 1.
Meet our production,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Mr. Petcam. An ultra lightweight, high-quality video camera that also records frail audio. Smaller than a car opener. Weighting fewer than package of gum. Beautifully designed with our patented mounting bracket system, it lightly attaches to a variety of pet collars speedily and securely.
Watch the Commercial
As a lad growing up, I've all had pets in my life. Dogs, cats,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rabbits, birds, fish etc. The general household pets. I've adored pets then and I worship pets immediately. When I was a child I all had a curiousity about what my tiny fellow got into when I was away with my household out of the house.
Introducing Mr. Petcam, the globes first Pet Point-of-View Video Camera. Simply affix this lightweight video camera to your pets collar. And that's it! Mr. Petcam does the rest.
I memorize growing up with our dog "Eboz." A tiny little 20 pound LITTLE GUY. Thought he was difficult but really a lover at heart. Unfortunately, not many of a guard dog although. Someone would knock at the door, and he'd split and conceal beneath the bed. One time while we were out for the day, we had the cursed luck of having our house broken into. The thieves didn't take everything but did make away with some things.
My cats were indoor/outdoor. Sometimes we would get home and they weren't there. Sometimes they'd linger out in the wilderness for hours before coming home. Sometimes days! What were they act? What mischeif were they getting into? A couple of times a year our cat "Cali" would come home with battle scars. Always surprised what pet was fighting with my loving Cali. One time Cali stayed out for over 3 days,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! And while he returned. He wasnt peckish. He wasn't crisp. He Obviously, Cali was getting treated truly well somewhere else. He was recieving food, and no at our dwelling. So where?
Available at

So if your looking for a current toy for you and your pet, alternatively shopping for a great award idea. Look not further than a Mr. Petcam. At $39.00, it's a natty buy with suprisingly fun results! Kids LOVE 'em!
Geez, if only we could of queried Eboz what he had penetrated. He would of been able to identify the burglers. Or if onlyhing else, had looked what he'd seen via his eyes.
USB connectivity, and step by step video instructions make operating Mr. Petcam a breeze for even the fewest calculator savvy individual. Want to bounce through the boring portions of your pets day, like when their slumbering? Turn on "Motion-Detection" mode. With this mode enabled. Mr. Petcam ambition merely record when your pets in film. This allows you to easily edit out some of the less exciting times during your pets day and only show you the exciting parts. With an superb standy mode length of 240 hours it tin work up to 10 days between charges. It is a powerful toy that the world has never seen. Until now.

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