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Cartoon online games industry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], accused of serious homogeneity

Morning News: You have been engaged in Creative industry research, then in your opinion, what is the creative industry in the end?
Zhang Jingcheng: We have mentioned that in 2007, such a view, creative industry and the creative industries of the two different concepts. The so-called creative industry is to transform good ideas into industry, and creativity of the industry is in the traditional industries to add creative elements, that is to upgrade traditional industries and creative industries. The creative industries are not only our traditional view on the tertiary industry, which is the concept of service, in fact, the traditional primary industries of agriculture,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], secondary industry, industrial, can be upgraded to a creative industry. So I think the concept of creative industries is very broad, and even can be said that the concept of a borderless.
the main emphasis is the creative industries value-added, such as traditional agriculture to provide food, but now people's living standards improved, the need for a deeper spiritual level pursuits, it can be developed into urban agriculture modern sightseeing agriculture,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], creative industries is practical. For example, Apple had sold a couple of dollars, printed on top of Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi's words, to multiply the value increased.
homogenization cartoon online games the problem is more serious

Morning News: Beijing's cultural and creative industries, or the creative economy and what areas of relatively better? What are some relatively weak?
Zhang Jingcheng: Beijing is a comprehensive, international metropolis, the city also has the world toward the goal, many of Beijing's comprehensive advantages are obvious, but each side is also not very prominent. The design class, the industrial design is the most basic, in addition to architectural design,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], decoration design, costume design, engineering design of the United States, the United States in the design work, Beijing is still very edge. In addition, the Government is also increasing emphasis on creative industries. Of course, we also have many problems, such as animation online rapid progress, but there are anime based in Haidian District, also in the Shijingshan Daxing new media base, but also to do something related to the homogenization of the problem is more serious.
Beijing recently to declare the We are also in Beijing made a related feasibility report, which spoke of the advantages of Beijing, such as the design of our research institutes, design institutes and many, including many college classes are design professionals, design team is also very large. With the Olympic Games, 60th anniversary of such activities, the Beijing design products, in particular venues, such as architectural design work has become increasingly rich.
Beijing for the development of urban theater industry

Morning News: New York, Broadway, West London Business District is both a core business, and industrial agglomeration area of ​​urban drama, urban drama and city commercial integration of business with each other, drama, culture and quality of urban life and promote each other. Beijing is the current situation and conditions for the development of urban theater industry?
Zhang Jingcheng: theater industry audience,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mainly the following categories: one is to observe and professionals to exchange ideas; the other is purely the general population, as a casual way to go; The last category is business people, modern business negotiations and business activities in the formal signing of the contract, there will be some elegant leisure activities, such as take a look at drama, a good closer relationships with customers, in fact, this is an extension of business activities.
theater industry, the development of urban Beijing is certainly appropriate. First of all, Beijing has a rich cultural heritage, has many years of experience in theater artists, many the size of the theater. And the old city into the two urban areas, is also a resource integration. Xicheng and Xuanwu such as mergers, Financial Street, Xidan shopping district, and even up, including the National Grand Theater, geology hall are in range. Xuanwu also mentioned before to build the road to Beijing media, in fact, the media and drama combine perfectly. If this plan a few locations to be able to establish some kinds of small theater, can form a circle, a theater industry clusters, but also can be broken down, there are special performances of Peking Opera, a dedicated opera's.
concentrated area development should respect the objective laws

Morning News: Beijing into a number of creative industry base, but many bases have not been used up, you think this is why? How to improve?
Zhang Jingcheng: Cluster development is the most important process of industrial development as a model, the same type of business, or upstream and downstream businesses into a single physical area where communication can work together to upgrade, or even In the downstream businesses to form a chain. However, the concentrated area of ​​development is also good and bad, 798 is certainly the most famous, and now even the visibility of 798 and the Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace than one can often see a large number of foreign tourists. I think these creative base, creative development of the park should focus on the objective law, that is, they should be made of natural concentration, followed by the Government together to guide and support. In addition, preferential policies should step up publicity and open policies that will attract people to understand the relevant information.
Morning News reporter Zhang Shuo

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